Pure silk scarves and shawls hand painted in Aboriginal Inland design
Brilliant Silk, makers of exquisite, hand-painted, flowering Gum Scarves & ShawlsAustralian Inland Aboriginal Silk DesignsAustralian Gum Silk shawls and scarves
Australian Inland Aboriginal Silk Shawls & Scarves Click to view square Scarves Click to view Long Scarves Click to view Shawls

The Australian Aboriginal People create beautiful and intricate artworks.
Our Aboriginal Art designs were created for us by talented Australian Aboriginal Artist, Tom 'Bagaay' Avery. His “inland Australian” designs feature the creatures of Inland Australia including the Kangaroo, Wallaby, Echidna, Emu, Jabiru, Platypus, Gecko and Goanna.
Tom’s designs are hand printed onto lengths of pure white silk. The silk is then painted in the earthy colours of Central Australia and the Australian Outback.

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